“Basic” Wealth

This is our foundational planning platform designed to address less complex financial situations. Financial planning is a process, not an event; therefore, we take the time and care to walk our clients through this process to develop a solid foundation for their financial future.

We walk our clients through the following steps:

1. Discover:

During the interview process, we gather your financial information and discover your hopes, dreams, and concerns.

2. Recommend:

We recommend solutions that alleviate your concerns and move you closer to your financial goals.

3. Implement:

We put into place mutually agreed upon solutions in the first step of your financial plan.**

4. Review:

Our lives are constantly evolving and we need our financial plans to keep in step. We meet with you and review your plan as often as needed.

*As you progress through life and your financial life becomes more complicated, we encourage you to consider our Strategic Wealth Platform which allows a more comprehensive review of your situation.


**You may implement the financial plan at the financial institute of your choice. Updates to financial plans may incur additional financial planning fees.