“Strategic” Wealth

Strategic Wealth is our multi-disciplinary financial planning process. Our Strategic Wealth clients hire us to examine all facets of their financial life and keep us on retainer as their “Personal Financial Officer”.

Our Strategic Wealth process is made up of these key steps:

1. Examine:

We thoroughly examine your current financial situation or plan.

2. Analyze:

Analyzing your plan with the goal of identifying inefficiencies related to premature death, disability, taxes, lawsuit, inflation, and market risk.

3. Propose:

We propose various solutions and strategies to strengthen your plan. We then consult with you to decide which solutions are best.

4. Implement*:

We put those solutions and strategies in place to begin the first step in your financial plan. *You are free to implement the plan recommendations with the financial services professional of your choice. Updates to financial plans may incur additional financial planning fees.

5. Monitor:

We maintain a watchful eye on the plan and periodically suggest changes to keep pace with your ever-changing lives.

Our clients range from individuals, families, small businesses, and large corporations. Since many of our clients receive advice from multiple sources (CPA, attorney, stockbroker, private banker, insurance agent, etc.), they ask us to take a leading role, coordinating the advice from each professional. By coordinating these efforts, we look to identify inefficiencies and cost savings. Savings that could be redirected toward a solution to better accomplish their goals.

We help our clients with issues such as:

  • Financial Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Inheritance Equalization
  • Education Planning and Gifting
  • Budgeting & Expense Management
  • Account Aggregation
  • Business Succession and Liability/ Creditor Protection
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Income Planning